Monday, November 19, 2012

Morning Wake Up Call

This is where everyone walks, jogs, bikes on South Point, Miami Beach. You need to get out early before it gets too hot. If you get out really early you can see a cruise ship coming in on certain days right there on the left. And models and photographers are usually out catching the early morning light. One of my favorite things on this walk - other than the spectacular views are the cats!
Cats live along the walk way all the way to the beach. They just hang out among the rocks by the water
or on the other side in the wild grasses. There are some women who feed them every morning, and they basically hang out snoozing in the sun. And since I love cats, it makes for a fun morning walk.

This is the view going towards Miami Beach. Its beautiful at night too. See the cat? All in all a great place to get out and enjoy the beautiful views and get some morning exercise.

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