Friday, December 21, 2012

Animals A to Z

Since moving to the country our animal kingdom has expanded...namely to those large animals that sleep in barns and graze in pastures. But I'll start inside. Today I'll introduce my corgi.

This is Bing. He's named after Bing Crosby. I got him on my birthday. On Christmas Eve. In 2003. He's my second Welsh Corgi. He's very loyal, intelligent, loving, stubborn, frustrating, and beautiful. He likes to herd our alpacas and be wherever we are.

This is my brother's dog. Junior. My brother also got him on Christmas Eve of 2003. I chose Bing. Junior was a surprise present. Complete with a red bow. (Not from me) Junior is his second Husky. He's beautiful, gentle, fast, strong, and sits in the middle of doorways or the kitchen floor when you're trying to cook and won't move. He likes sitting in snow.

Here they are as puppies. Sweetest things ever. We had a very cold, snowy post Christmas that year, and we had to take them out every 4 hours round the clock. My brother and I would meet in the middle of the night all bundled up out in the freezing night. (I think he was regretting coming to visit for Christmas that year.)

 Their first ice cream. Our local ice cream store has free ice cream for dogs on Sundays.

 This is when they were teenagers. Junior is mostly very patient with Bing.

This was taken this morning. They're nine years old now. Junior's visiting for the holidays again. He lives in San Francisco and loves running along the beach, but he likes visiting Colorado and playing in the snow in the winter, or running in the mountains in the summer.  Bing has never been to San Francisco. He's a homebody. They have their daily routines of wrestling together, napping, eating treats - currently they're working through a doggie advent calender filled with little rawhide bones. You can still see the little puppies in them.

You'll see plenty more of them.

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