Saturday, December 29, 2012

Notes From the City - Crab Season

This is the time of year my thoughts turn to crab. I love crab. Probably more than lobster, which is my favorite special meal on Ocean Drive when we're in Miami Beach. And I'm not talking stone crab - which you can usually get in abundance during the season in Miami - except for this year. I'm speaking of the crab of my childhood. Dungeness. The crab of Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. If you're ever visiting you don't need to go to an expensive restaurant to have it, although that is a treat. Just go down to the wharf and get fresh crab cocktail on the street. Just fresh crab pieces and cocktail sauce. Yum. 

If you're going down to the wharf I suggest going in the morning. If you go early enough you'll get to see the hustle and bustle of the real wharf and avoid the tourists.

You can walk out to where they actually bring in the crabs and walk along the water and the warehouses.

If you're lucky you can just watch them bring in their catch. Tons of crabs!

Crab baskets. I think they're pretty in a fishy, sea faring kind of way.

Of course there are other interested visitors to the wharf!

We usually just buy whole, cooked crabs. They'll crack them for you. And you just take them home, put them on a plate, get some small forks, nutcrackers, lots of napkins and you're good to go.

Restaurants come up with many different ways of serving crab. My suggestion? Fresh boiled crab, melted butter with a little squeeze of lemon, and, of course, San Francisco sourdough bread. Oh, and a glass of nice white wine.

The challenge I have now is that I live in Colorado. But I have found that if I call the grocers that get Dungeness crabs here, and find out when they get it delivered, and go buy one - the day after it is a really expensive tastes...almost as good. Keeping my fingers crossed for this New Years Eve!

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