Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sweet Dreams

Good night St Nick!

We have always celebrated St Nicholas Day. December 6. On December 5, St. Nicholas Day eve, my girls always put boots outside their bedroom doors with their Christmas lists in them. In the morning the lists had been whisked away by the good Saint and goodies and a gift were left in them.

It's really a mish mosh of legends, traditions from other countries, my upbringing, and something fun to celebrate. And St Nicholas, born in the fourth century in the village of Patera, which is in modern day Turkey, who later became the Bishop of Myra, and finally, a Saint, devoted his life to helping people. He was known for leaving secret gifts for people....coins in poor childrens shoes, dowry money in girls stockings left to dry so they might marry, and many other acts of charity. Of course, this is one version of how Santa Claus came to be.

This is just a little celebration to remember how it possibly started all those years ago and why!

Tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day tea, and Dundee cake. Another tradition added to the many little celebrations I have added to our year.

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