Friday, January 18, 2013

Afternoon Pick Me Up

It would be dangerous for me to live in some of my favorite places full time. I'm thinking of New York (Manhattan) and London. I would be sneaking off to matinees whenever I could. One year we were in Manhattan and I saw 7 broadway shows in a week. I can't get enough of quality live theatre, musicals, or movies. As it is I think a movie in the afternoon is the perfect pick me up. I love movies of all genres - from action to thriller to drama to comedy to independent and foreign. Movies have always been a motivating factor in my life. It being Oscar season, there are a lot of great movies to choose from. Yesterday afternoon my daughter and I saw The Impossible - about the Tsunami in Asia in 2004? Difficult to watch - cried a lot. Very emotional. But a great movie. Naomi Watts is up for an Oscar - which I found just a little odd given the roll she played. I thought the teenage kid - Tom Holland was especially good. Amazing story.

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