Thursday, January 17, 2013

Animals A to Z

Shhh. Meet the light of my life. I call him Sweetness. My husband is irrationally jealous at the way I talk to him. But how could I resist? Here's the back story...

 I wanted one of those adorable pure bred long hair persian cats. We were going to New York that year. I wanted to buy him there. I wanted to name him Manhattan. I went to THE pet store in Grenwich Village that was on Sex in the City...They had persian kittens! The store owner was soo attentive! They were $1800.00! My husband walked out. I reluctantly gave up the adorable ball of fur I clutched and walked out too. And pouted. Fast forward to home. My youngest daughter and I visit the local humane society. We looked at all the kittens. Yeah, cute. Black and white, black, orange. hmmm. Out at the front desk, the girl says to check out this little one. He's really lovable. We take him into a little room. We both sit cross legged on the floor. I hold him. I put him down. He immediately takes off to chase a fly. I'm in love. His name was Lenny. Noo. His name is Manhattan....ok, he's from Colorado....his name is Manny. I even bought him a black collar with diamonds. My ode to the fancy Big Apple. I find out some weeks later while watching a Martha Stewart Living Show all about cats that he's a rag doll cat. Never heard of them! So that's why when you pick him up he just goes limp in your arms..... I could go on and on. Don't worry, you'll see much more of him.
 He loves being outside. Hunting, trying to make new friends, surveying the property....
When he's not out doing his thing, he loves being by me. Let me correct that. He loves being on whatever I am doing. He wants to eat my food, plop down on whatever book I'm reading...
 and has a knack for getting in the way when I'm trying to be productive.   I forgive him.
He's my little lion. He's very brave. Don't let my family tell you otherwise. Other that that first nasty, bloody close call with three raccoons early on, he's learned to pretty much take care of himself. But I still wait up for him at night when he's out past curfew.

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