Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Notes From the Country - Snow!

We finally got snow yesterday! It's usually really dry here. We are technically in the high desert in this part of Colorado. But we get a little share of the white stuff.

It's especially nice because everything is usually brown here during the winter. Pretty bland. But when it snows....

then it looks like this. And this is much prettier. Yes, colder too. But much more inspiring.
Not everyone appreciates the snow though :)

The chicken house always looks pretty in the snow

Even sleeping Cottonwood trees look beautiful

Of course I like the view best from inside my General Store - where it's warm and cozy and smells nice from scented candles

I'm getting ready to put some new accessories in my shop

And, I'm almost finished with my Spring 2013 Runway inspired apron pattern

Here's a peak! I'll have these aprons in my shop next month in some fun Spring colors and patterns.

I've also been getting into the lovely habit of buying fresh flowers during the winter. They make me happy -Roses, Tulips, whatever  happens to be at the grocery store that strike my fancy when I'm there.

Or a little Orchid plant! My Meyer lemon tree in the background just finished blossoming and it smelled heavenly for weeks - now there are tiny lemons trying to grow.

What I was just listening to...
and because my interest in music is so is my latest "I'm in love with this band and they inspire me and I listen to them every day music"

Carry On!

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