Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sewing Tales - The General Store

 This is my workroom. Early American/Primitive has been my style for quite a while, and I went with an old general store theme, based around my table. I bought it at a wonderful little store that used to be downtown called The Nest. I used to sell my primitive cloth dolls there, and with some of my earnings I bought their work table when they closed their shop. It's 9 feet long and over 2 1/2 feet wide and I love it.   Don't you love the General Store cat. He's my favorite thing in there, but I'm biased.

My husband built my general store shelves and I just stained them dark. The fabric is taking over though so a shelf remodel is in my near future.

Now more often than not a Vogue, W, or Bazaar magazine will be mixed in with the old ones.

The general store phone. No caller id though...
The general store clock. My husband bought it for me because, well I love cookoo clocks.
I won't go back to a regular iron for sewing now that I've found this.

One of my latest aprons I finished recently, and part of my dream board behind. :)

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