Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Afternoon Pick Me Up

Happy Mardi Gras!

Here are some ghosts of Mardi Gras pasts. I love an excuse to celebrate. And what better day than Fat Tuesday. Last chance to live it up , eat it up, and get ready for lent. .

I usually make some kind of traditional Cajun inspired beans and rice, jambalaya, and hurricanes!

And Kings Cake

Decorations are, of course, purple, green, and gold - as are costumes (Purple represents justice. Green represents faith. And gold represents  And, can't forget the masks!

 And there always seems to be dancing. And Cajun Music
Here are a couple songs to get in the mood:
And these Grammy winners....we actually saw them live here in town a few years back:

And, the most important part of our celebration....beignets. Yup. Puffy fried dough with powdered sugar. Our nod to Bourbon Street treats.

 Here's one link to the history of Mardi Gras.
Take time to celebrate!

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