Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lunch Break - Fashion Update

Fashion Week (s)

It's already time to think of fall/winter fashion for 2013/2014. New York, London, Milan, Paris...the results are coming in.  I'm still working on this spring. ha. There are so many interesting runway styles to look at, and then some that for me, actually translate to street fashion or in my world, aprons. As usual I love Victoria Beckham, above. So simple and elegant, yet edgy.

I always like seeing the current trends and their variations. It looks like versions of the peplum will carry from this spring/summer to fall/winter, like the Proenza Shouler ensemble above. Yes!

One trend I'm already loving for this fall/winter is not color blocking but fabric blocking as in the above left outfit by Victoria Beckham and Prabal Gurung on the right. I was actually doing that on a sample apron with leftover fabrics. That's what I love about fashion and creating in general - thinking
outside the lines and taking what exists and making it new and fresh.
More fabric blocking and asymmetrical hemline...from Jason Wu

 I also love men's fashion. And lest you think I've forgotten about men's aprons - you're wrong! I'm working on it.

 Prada's ad for fall. I think it's fun how they incorporated the actors.

Versace is still one of my favorites, but I don't think I'm even ready for this........maybe
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