Monday, February 11, 2013

Notes From the Country

Flu and Dreams

Yup. This has been my life lately. Chicken Soup. And it's not even homemade. Has anyone not had the flu? Count yourself lucky. Of course I don't just do simple flus. No. Soon I intend to get back to the land of the living and productive. In the meantime, I can dream...

of this...."my beach"

and favorite South Beach Condo...and morning walks

oh and this - the Everglades - yes I love the Everglades. It's magical and primitive.

and overall...this

                     and the productive part....this

  and even this....spring....and watching my husband work in the garden...
For now, I think I'll make some tea and crawl back in bed and ponder -
1. Last night's Grammys and all it's outstanding performances, and some pretty amazing fashion (except when it all fell apart at the end with that guy singing the Elton John song - who was he??, Frank Ocean singing about Forest Gump! What was that???, and LL Cool J ending the show with a flash back performance of 90's rap! Really???

2. The Pope resigning - really? The Pope resigned? I didn't even know that was possible. Well I guess not since the Middle Ages.

3. T minus 4 months 12 days till departure for my other life in Miami.

4. Finishing up my shop changes and adding new aprons and stuff....

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