Friday, March 1, 2013

Notes From The City - San Francisco Walk

Since I will be going back to San Francisco in just over two weeks for our Spring Break, I thought I'd share one of my favorite walks. You can listen to this while you're reading. :) Tony Bennett... I grew up in a part of the city near The Presidio, Golden Gate Bridge, and Bakers Beach. So you leave the house where I grew up - and where I still go home to, and it's a nice 25 minute walk or so up hills, past some very pretty houses and you get to this point.

These are the Lyon street steps. This is called the Presidio heights district. At least I think it still is. I grew up in the Richmond district, but apparently it's now called the Lake District. I guess the new names have to reflect the skyrocketed housing prices. These homes up here are going to be 13 mil and up.

Here's their view of the San Francisco Bay.

So, if you want exercise and not just the view, down the steps you go. There are a couple sets. I like to just stand up at the top and watch crazy, really in shape locals run them. Maybe some day. I am working out (Miami Beach continues to be my motivation) so I'll see how I do here in a few weeks.

Here's a view from the bottom set.

  The special thing, in my opinion, is about half way up. (That's my husband in the blue - and yeah he's special but I'm referring to the garden area ;)

 There's this "house", and this beautiful garden with a little parterre (a formal little knot garden)

 This little grotto-esque seating area
 And this view. I just take a moment to day dream and pretend it's my private villa and garden. (We go early and usually no one else is there)
But here's what I like to do. Instead of going down the stairs, we walk down Broadway a bit to my favorite...castle. I call it mine.

It's right next to a private, very steep street - a very winding, steep street. The sidewalk is straight though. But seriously very steep. You wouldn't want to walk down it in heels.

This is the view from the top of the street.

Not bad, eh? We usually stop here for awhile and talk about moving back to San Francisco. Then we walk down the hill, go to a coffee shop in the Marina district, circle around and walk the Lyon steps on the way back. Sometimes we drive from home to the steps and start the walk there. It's pretty long. By this time I'm usually ready for dim sum. Or piroshkies. Or crab. Uh oh. I'm digressing. Wait where do I live? 

 Oh right.

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