Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Random Thoughts

Trying to organize my thoughts but this is what inevitably happens to my brain when I come back from my other lives. When I travel...whether back to San Francisco where I grew up, or Miami Beach, or New York, or London, or Key West, or Cayman, I don't think in terms of "Nice vacation I'm glad to be home". When I'm in these favorite places of mine I imagine what it's like to live there. We entertain the notion of living there. We often times figure out a plan to live there. We feel like we're living there. So when I end up back on my dirt road in the country in Colorado, I go through an adjustment period. Here's a random example in pictures of images in my head from last week. I'll expand on them when I sort everything out.

The street where I grew up

Chinese Mai Tai's at Li Po's

 St Marys

One of my favorite people

My favorite classic bar in the city - Bix

Turkeys walking down the street where my Mother-in-law lives

Oak trees

Italian Ricotta Dumplings 

Wonton Soup

One of San Francisco's finest. (I used to make scrambled eggs for him after school when he was a kid)

Japanese tea garden

St Francis shrine in North Beach


The ocean

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