Monday, April 1, 2013

Notes From The Country

Our Easter weekend was really....weird....and great. We started out by running out of coffee on Saturday morning. My daughter, who was home for the weekend, was very grumpy about that, and I happened to want my very dry, weak cappuccino that morning my husband suggested we go out.

 We found our way to our current favorite local bike, beer, and coffee house. I ordered a blueberry muffin and a cap ( and a ham and swiss quiche - yum!!!). I didn't want to mess with the barista so I had a real cap and I was jittery all day and got four hours of sleep that night, but that's beside the point.

Breakfast turned into beer tasting and an interesting conversation with one of the owners of the place, then we went for a long walk downtown, then shopping for all our Easter meal essentials. By the time we got home, boiled and dyed eggs, it was time to get dressed for a show we had tickets for that night. We have season tickets for our "show stopper" series which are the National tours of Broadway shows, and then a dance series. This particular night was the Canadian originated Traces tour. AMAZING.  Part dance, acrobatics, circus. High energy, artistic, sexy. Well worth seeing if you have the opportunity.

Anywhoo. Easter was totally about new beginnings. I decided to leave the church we had been going to for years not for what they stood for but for what they took a stand against. My husband and girls chose to start over with me so that's what we did. All in keeping with the Day. Then we discovered a great new Mexican restaurant in town because we decided to keep the "new" theme going. 

 By the time we got home, we were all ready for a siesta, and it just so happened, it was one of those rare, hot, summer - like Easter days, so we all laid out in the sun for a while.

I finally dragged myself up and in and got dinner going. Best meal of the year. Simple, but oh so tasty.
First time ever...I put my husband in charge of Garlic Scalloped Potatoes (courtesy of Martha Stewart Entertaining...every year) He is great with desserts and creating a meal with leftovers, but a whole potato side dish?

Best Easter scalloped potatoes ever.

Ham, potatoes, eggs, of course, herb steamed artichokes and asparagus, Italian Easter Bread (courtesy of my Mom who made this every Easter since I was a child. Don't ask me where she came up with it we're not remotely Italian)...A new addition this year, pesto devilled eggs, courtesy of The Italian Dish (yum!) and, finally, Hergana....what you say?

Aka: baseball dumplings. It is comprised of torn pieces of bread, eggs and bacon, rolled in flour and boiled. A complete breakfast dumpling if you're into that sort of thing. Courtesy of

the Crested Butte Cookbook. This IS my heritage. My Great Grandfather homesteaded in Crested Butte, Colo. My grandparents were both born there, as well as my Mom. Oh. Look. You get a bonus recipe on the left. Pickled pigs feet. hahahaha. My Vegetarian daughter is cringing.

All this was enjoyed while watching Easter Parade which is an eagerly anticipated annual Easter classic in our home. (With Fred Astaire (whom we all LOVE!!), Judy Garland, Ann Miller, and Peter Lawford. circa 1948). Please tell me you've watched this.

Here's the recipe for the devilled eggs. She suggested pesto made with spinach, and, for this time of year I think it is more appropriate than basil pesto, since basil is a very summer herb. I had a mix of spinach and arugula and made my pesto with that. It was very flavorful. 

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