Friday, April 26, 2013

Notes From The Country

This past week and a half has been about bringing life back into balance one step one day at a time. About sharing others' pain, and ultimately focusing on love and strength of spirit and life.
 After this and a following storm passed through last week, and as soon as all that snow melted, I went in search for signs of spring.
and discovered baby columbine leaves poking through.

As well as iris leaves

and these soft little lambs ears

and catmint

Knowing that each of those little plants will overcome most of what nature will throw at them and will grow into this scene in a few short weeks is inspiring.  It reminds me of faith and hope.

I discovered a few spring onions, garlic tops, chives, tarragon, and a very small amount of green thyme leaves

And made some spring herbal vinegar

I spent one day vacuuming, cleaning house, doing laundry, then made potato cheese soup with corn and cauliflower, turkey bacon and homemade croutons for dinner. It was a simple gift for my family so when they came home from work and school, there would be a clean home, clean clothes, candles lit and a comforting meal for dinner. Sometimes it's the simple things, the simple moments that bring a sense of balance to our everyday lives.
I reacquainted myself with my cookbooks
I made herbed kale chips, peppery sweet potato chips, and rosemary sweet potato chips...

I ground peppercorns

                                                      and filled my salt bowls for cooking

I played with my dog
I took care of the chicks daily and was again amazed at how fast they grow.
And spent some doctoring time as well. Yes, this deserves an explanation. ;) Tune in to the next post.
My heart still hurts for everyone in Boston and beyond. Living in fear and anxiety is not a choice I am willing to make, so with love and gratitude for this day and even the smallest of blessings, I will make the most of this gift of life.
      "It takes both the sun and the rain to make a beautiful rainbow."

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