Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Random Thoughts

Shades of Grey
I know I know - don't judge me,  but it's that kind of a day.
You can listen to this lengthy greyish song while you're perusing....

It's April and it's snowing....everyone else is blogging about spring blossoms....but today is about snow here in Colorado, and taxes, and cleaning.  So here's my random version of (lucky for you not 50) shades of grey for you on this doubtful yet hopeful Tuesday....

Geese overhead. I think they're confused though. With our typical early Spring weather dramatically changing here in Northern Colorado from hour to hour, day to day, they don't know whether to fly North or South.

My Dad and the "sweetest girl in the whole wide world" That would be me. (His words not mine) I know this picture looks like it's a hundred years old, but I assure you it's not. Sigh. Teardrop.

Grey shaded apron in front of a grey, stormy, foggy San Francisco ocean.
You can own it! Here: My Etsy Shop!

A somewhat rare crocodile in the Florida Everglades. They are just so prehistoric looking. I'm so fascinated by them. Did you know they eat marshmallows....I guess they eat arms and legs as well, but still, marshmallows? It's a contrast to say the least.

My first born on her first day of college in Manhattan.

I know the church in the picture isn't grey...but  to me this is totally symbolic of shades of grey.

Let's talk beautiful shades of grey...I am so into tufted couches. I am determined to make this happen.

My husband and I on a stormy Jane Eyre walk in the Peak district in England

Ok. This is totally random....lion's paws from a birds-eye-directly-under-the-glass-view at....the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The more interesting story was that I took my daughters on a driving trip to Los Angeles to surprise my niece at Disneyland for her birthday and we stopped in Vegas. MGM was the only place I could find with the old fashioned slot machines with a pull down handle...and lions! We won't go into the illusion I was under that Vegas was still trying to be a family destination. Yeah, they apparently gave up on that dream. As proven by the Pirate show at the Treasure Island, "hello!". Not to mention I actually got lost in Caesars with two underage girls at 2 in the morning....They totally hide the exit doors in casinos so you can't find your way out!

What I'm reading....

Really did you think I was that obvious that I would advertise 50 Shades...? Ok. Yes. I read all of them in Miami last year. Not commenting here. ;)

 Three of the books I've currently started but have yet to finish. I'm a mood reader. I can't start a novel and force myself to read it until finished if I'm not in the mood. And since today is a grey day I will read some of each of these very dense, very different, quite shady....reads.  All available on Amazon. One is from my favorite current - really cool author, one is from our favorite local bartender, the last.... is a highly famous, highly symbolic - and highly shades of greyish work- dealing with themes of sin, salvation, and redemption. If you haven't tried any of these, which I'm going to make a wild guess and assume many of you haven't...try something new and different! Challenge yourself! Open your mind! Enjoy!

Even though this picture contains different shades of grey...I am well aware taxes (which I was working on all morning) are definitely black and white. But I am grateful to be an American. Really, really grateful.

Ok. I was going to end with the tax thing. But couldn't resist this little grey miracle.

And met my sweet little puppy nephew in A to Z. Here he is in his natural habitat in the California ocean. That's the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay in the background. Grey day or not I want to stay there...

Here's one more song - appropriate for a moody, grey day - and the ocean. Enjoy.
                                                                               Anchor ME

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  1. Thank you, sweetness!

    Your photos are beautiful. I particularly liked the geese overhead. It always strikes me as so profound when I see dark birds against a voided sky.