Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rooms I Love and new aprons

Just daydreaming about my future kitchen...

I'm thinking this apron would stand up quite nicely to the expectations of above kitchen
***ps. You can buy this apron as well as other new Spring/Summer aprons in my shop now!***

I'm also thinking this kitchen has the space, beauty, and functionality for a cook to create anything from scratch. I'm thinking something quick and elegant, like....potato, rosemary, and sweet onion pizza. Made partly with Italian 00 flour, the thin crust is crispy and stands up nicely to the super thin mandolin-sliced golden potatoes.

                      I'm thinking this simple, delicious pizza would go nicely with....

 A simple classic martini. Ok maybe not classic? I like vodka martinis. And I don't like vermouth. (perhaps it's time to consult again with our favorite bartender?) What I've enjoyed for awhile now is a Limoncello martini, made with homemade Limoncello. It's basically Vodka and a whisper of Limoncello, shaken so that the surface of the drink has ice crystals floating on it, garnished with a lemon twist. In this case I would go with a ....potato vodka to match the pizza... sorry I had to do it; such as Chopin or even Luksusowa, (although my favorite vodka is Belvedere).....but I digress. I think this guy would go nicely in above kitchen as well, no? And of course, martinis shaken not stirred....who stirs a martini? Manhattan yes, martini no....but now I'm out of my field of expertise.

The above potato pizza recipe can be found here, as well as how to make the pizza dough. Love her site!

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