Friday, May 24, 2013

Random Thoughts - Friday Stuff and Happenings

Butt wait!

Is it me or do they all do this on purpose? "Bottom" line is I'll never be an animal photographer.

Now that the silliness is out of the way -  I'll be getting some new items up in my shop next week, so I'm going to go work on that. My newly graduated daughter is back from her road trip - well half of it was a road trip. The driver lost the car keys somewhere in San Francisco, so my daughter had to fly home in order for her to start her internship. With two days under her belt she's ready for a break and wants to see a movie and go out for cocktails and jazz. (The movie is called "Not Today" and  involves the tragic, despicable issue of human trafficking. We'll be ready for a lighter note after that I imagine.) And I was going to skip happy hour this Friday and work into the wee hours tonight. Not.

Happy Friday. Here's a lovely Friday song for you from Pink. Have a great Weekend.

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