Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Animals A to Z - June Update

These were the girls when they were about a week old. Here's their story

 They had their first day of free range freedom a few days ago. Their scratching, grass and bug eating skills are in good shape, and like good little chickens they came home to roost at dusk.

You know about him right?

He had a run in with a snake last week. Twice. I rushed him to the vet then the emergency vet hospital. They took blood tests every two hours for awhile to see if he had venom in him. I guess it changes the shape of the blood cells. After a very stressful few hours, they concluded they were dry bites. Stressful for me - I suppose him too. They kept him overnight on antibiotics, pain meds and ice packs. As of today he looks much better than this and is desperately trying to get back outside. I wish he was content to be a house cat.

These  were the happy fuzzy guys on a hot day

 Engaging in one of their favorite summer day activities...who doesn't like a pool?

 Until the next day where I was given 2 hours notice by my vet that the shearers were a-comin. I, of course missed out this year because I was in tears holding an ice pack on my sweet baby kitten on the way to the vet hospital
p.s.You can read up on what we missed from last year here:

 But I checked in first thing the next morning..."How could you let them do this to us??!!! Where were you???!!!"  "Trust me," I said. "You will feel infinitely better in the dry, oppressive heat of August now!"

Then there's this sad sack. He's had an ear infection that just won't seem to go away, and now his back legs aren't working. He slips and slides and can't seem to control them. The vet seems to think it's more his spine and his age and being a corgi and that it's not going to get better. He's on more rounds of antibiotics, steroids, ear ointment - a diet and "bed rest" which means he's confined to one room with a carpet for a month. He is not a happy camper. Taking him to our old corgi vet to get a second opinion.

When it rains it pours.

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