Monday, July 29, 2013

Lunch Break - Key West Style

We had to go back to the ever popular Sloppy Joe's Bar upon arrival in Key West. Casual, comfortable, great crab cake sandwiches, Sloppy Joes, and drinks.
Here is the establishment on Duval and Greene streets. The original owner was Ernest Hemmingway's friend and fishing companion, Joe Russel. He bought the building here in 1937 and moved the bar (which had been renamed Sloppy's from Russel's by Hemmingway, so the story goes) from across the street. Reportedly, the rent became too high for Joe at the original location, and this location was for sale. On moving day patrons simply gathered their drinks and chairs and all the other furniture and walked up to their new location without even closing up shop. That pretty much describes the Key West lifestyle.

Here was the location of the original bar down the street. Hemmingway was a frequent customer at the old and new locations, imbibing and philosophizing with fellow literary aquaintances.

There is usually live music to be enjoyed, it's opened 365 long days a year, and, thanks to modern technology, they have web cams, so my daughter back in Colorado, and husband in Miami saw what we were eating for lunch real time. That's just not right if you ask me. 

With open doors surrounding the restaurant there's always something interesting to regard on the streets of Key West.

ps. Your guess is as good as mine as to the origins of sloppy joe sandwiches. I think they're more of a description than have any link to this bar. I don't think the bar has any claim to the famous sandwich. But they do make a tasty one!

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