Friday, July 19, 2013

Notes From The Beach - Happy Hour

It's Friday! And sometimes that means casual cocktail time. 
Our favorite casual Happy Hour here is less than a five minute walk, is right on the marina so you can enjoy the sunset over the water, has a large, lively bar filled with mostly locals, and has inexpensive mojitos (compared to the 20.00 ginger - vodka concoction at the Delano last week!)

I always get a sampler from the seafood bar. Fresh and tasty.

And occasionally listen to some laid back live jammin. In this case - kind of a French Reggae vibe.

This is the view at night  of the outdoor bar - complete with thatched roof, and the neighboring pool so you can take a dip. Although why you would deliberately put a pool next to a bar full of people drinking is beyond me. Ha.        

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