Monday, July 22, 2013

Notes From The Beach - Weekend Wrap Up

 I love staying in Miami for a month. I enjoy staying for extended periods of time whenever we travel because I love assimilating the local culture. And that takes time. The same is true for local weather. And down here, this time of year, it is a fickle climate - within the context of hot that is. The first two weeks were very balmy, if not on the cool side of tropical. Then the rain came. We had some grey, sullen days, days where the skies opened up and where the thunder and lightening persisted from mid day into nightfall, afternoons where bracing winds almost caused a chill, and still moments where you hesitantly ventured out to meander keeping an eye on the ever changeable cloud formations. Yesterday the weather changed again. The rain disappeared, the sun shone, and along with the humidity reminded me, along with the ocean here, that mother nature is dispassionate and unconcerned with us and our daily lives. 

The street below post rain squall
Basically every time I step outside here it becomes a bad hair day for me

During a morning break in the weather we went for a long, early morning walk - yes I was actually up at 6 - so I was able to watch the sun rise into the clouds

See the cruise ships sneak in, and take pictures of lifeguard stands

We also strolled along Ocean Drive and took photos of some of the art deco buildings in the morning light

World famous Ocean Drive in the morning is like sneaking behind the scenes of a stage show. The Ocean climate takes it's toll on buildings something fierce, and to maintain facades there must be steady upkeep. I think this is why the view of Ocean Drive is best at night, with the colorful lights aglow and highlighting the best features. Come back for a tour soon

We stopped at our go to breakfast spot on Ocean Drive - the News Cafe. 

We also had dinner there under the twinkling lights of the nighttime shade trees

I also did some cooking - spinach quiche

along with homemade cocktails

We also had a beach day with some calm surf and pleasant skies

And the Ice Water Man was out. Ice Water Man has been a regular here on Miami Beach for several years now. He simply walks up and down the beach calling "Water, Ice Cold Water" "Agua, Agua Fria"...over and over. Bits of the story I've pieces together - he frequents Walgreens to buy his water. I've seen him there. He was? a drug addict and has been in jail more than once and doesn't want to go back. This was derived from his conversations with some people right next to us on the beach. He charges 2.00 for one bottle of water, three for 5.00. I know that because I've bought water from him. And yes. They are sealed. 

I also finally tried Stone Crab legs. No, they're not currently in season, but I don't know when I'll be here in season, so bird in the hand and all that. They were still delicious. Although they freak me out a little. With the black claw tips they reminded me a little too much of a bug. I hate bugs.

This decadent, scrumptious chocolate lava cake followed the claws for dessert.

Remember these Coast Guard vessels? Well here they were all decked out for Independence Day. The one on the left left port about five days ago and returned Saturday, where they proceeded to unload over 35 million dollars worth of confiscated cocaine on to the docks after handing over the drug dealers to Tampa police. The war on drugs is alive and well down here just in case you were wondering...

Hopefully road trip tomorrow. Headed South. As far South as you can go here.

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