Monday, July 15, 2013

Notes From The Beach

Greetings from South Point, Miami Beach. It's been almost two weeks of very active rest time.
You MUST listen to music from this group every time you read my Miami blog posts because this music epitomizes Miami for us :) and - well - Cuba is very close down here, and it's influence - strong.
Here is our home away from home for five weeks. Miami Beach/South Point/South of Fifth/SoBe. We are on the 12th floor of a condo in a corner unit so we are fortunate to see the marina and downtown Miami on the West side and Miami Beach and ocean on the other.

Here's our view of the Marina, Coast Guard port, working docks, and downtown Miami in the Distance.

I love this side because it's always alive with activity.  I can zoom up and keep tabs on the Coast Gaurd....

And the Border Patrol...yes, they're out there daily patrolling our waters...decked out in full "I'm ready to take you on drug dealers of the ocean" gear

And watch cruise ships periodically come and go  (this one left last Saturday and I could actually hear the cruise director trying to get everyone in the crusin' mood - "hands up in the air - cha cha cha" - not my cup of tea but everyone on deck seemed to be enjoying it

Here's a panoramic view from the East side of our balcony looking North up Miami Beach all the way to the tip of South Point on the right.

My favorite building on South Point

Our living room at night

We've had two weeks of packing in some of our favorite activities including beach time, boating, eating, drinking, perusing museums, and people watching on famous Ocean Drive.
Plenty of this

There were Fourth of July fireworks on the beach. Magical. I wonder what the sharks thought of it

There was also some ink. Because you tend to get a little crazy and footloose down here

And since we would have to mortage our house if we ate out every meal, many trips to Publix, and some cooking. This is when every meal is a fun culinary experiment because I have the time down here.

Plenty of bar time with Mojitos and....Painkiller number 3's...
Famous, colorful Ocean drive at night - any night of the week

Because sometimes you just need to experience being in your own boat and jumping into the ocean (note: not yacht - boat)

And plenty of walks along here - (early in the morning with the locals not mid day with the sun-burned tourists)

Break time is over. Until tomorrow!!


  1. "Es Cor Meum"

    "Et Cum Spiritu Tuo"

    1. Hmmm. I'm definitely feeling my spirit here. Heart and spirit hand in hand. Thanks for stopping by.