Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Notes From The Country - Behind The Scenes

We have had yet more rain. Although this recent downpour was much shorter in duration, much less rain, much more commotion. Violent, earsplitting thunder, and bright flashes of lightening disrupted an otherwise quiet evening, and sent the dog crawling into the corner of the bathroom, and me nearly giving into the urge to run down to the basement and join the girls in movie time - with the volume turned on high. Apparently mother nature is still showing her might around here.

Speaking of which, I thought this was priceless....
In Estes Park, here in Colorado, there was a good amount of flooding, although the town itself, at the mouth of Rocky Mountain National Park, was not nearly as devastated as the highway and other structures that run alongside of the Big Thompson river all the way up to Estes Park, effectively cutting off the main access route between us and them. There have also been no flush zones up there in certain areas, due to - well - the flooding - and we'll leave it at that. The point is porto-potties have been distributed, warnings have gone out to anchor them due to recent high winds (associated with the storm described above) - no seriously! There were 911 calls and people had to be rescued from overturned outhouses...awkward. Anyway!!! They're having a contest now for best decorated porto-potty. Colorado mountain people are resilient is what I'm saying. But I digress. Bigtime.

With all the recent rains, these little guys have been popping up all over our forest area. They're so amazing and delicate, however, much to my frustration, I am not a wild mushroom afficionado, and as I don't want to get sick or worse, I will leave them be. More digressing.

The moral here so far is not to blog when you're sick. Cold season has officially commenced here. Mine is not full blown as my husband's and daughter. My favorite comfort tea above is - well technically a tisane, because it is made with fresh herbs. I made it with fresh chamomile flowers, lemon verbena leaves, thyme, honey, fresh ginger and fresh lemon juice from my home grown meyer lemons. All of these have healing medicinal properties and just taste good! I have managed to make progress on a few items for my shop throughout - with the help of  my daughter

What do you get when you cross a black and white chicken ...

with a black and white apron??

A wacky photoshoot and some fun Etsy shop photos. Here are some behind the scenes silliness when you put together a sick photographer with an even sicker model. This was her third missed day of school due to an achy, feverish cold and sinus infection. What a great Mom I am making her do this...

Here is one of the Halloween aprons. The mask was made for one of our previous Halloween parties, but I thought this a little too creepy for Etsy.

I was playing around a lot on Photoshop afterwards.

Here's another Halloween apron and a coughing fit.

Of course, we can't make it through all this picture taking sans cell phone.

One of my new fall City aprons. She's having too much fun with the props.

No the chicken didn't poop on the new Country apron.

And yes, all aprons are washed and free of germs and feathers before they are shipped out. 

My latest Indian apron with Hannah trying to manipulate my Rajasthani puppet doll.
This was the best photo taken by my other daughter who was distracted by me bringing a chicken into the house and had to see what was up. 
Here's where they'll be in their selling form...My Etsy Shop

 Now it's time for some caffeine and kleenex and I shall get back to work. Hmmm.

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