Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer Bar Tour

Happy Friday.  Here is my recap of some of my favorite bars I was fortunate enough to visit this summer, their bartenders, and some fun people we met

Montys at South Point, Miami. Our favorite go to local spot that was a short walk away from our condo.
Our Monty's bartender. 

 My favorite bar snack - to go with my Mojito. A really nice well-balanced mojito and worth the happy hour price - even though it's served in a plastic cup.

One of the interesting people we met. Please don't ask me his name. That happens sometimes when you meet people in bars. But I believed he lived or lives in the nearby town where my husband and I went to College in Southern California, so we had a good time talking about places we all knew and used to hang out. One night we met Gerald White who used to play football with the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins in the late 1980s. He and my husband had a lot to talk about. We also met a young woman who works for a company that charters planes for people. For example, if you want to charter a flight to - say the Bahamas - to go to dinner - or go snorkeling for a few hours, she would be the one to call. Just sayin.

Of course, one of my favorites, Prime 112 on South Beach. A very crowded, very hopping, very celebrity conscious crowd. 

My favorite drink there is the lychee martini, perhaps a touch too sweet and thick for my taste but delicious nonetheless. And the applewood-smoked bacon is my favorite bar food here.

The bartenders here tend to be on the serious side which is no fun, but with the range and volume of people - picky people they have to deal with I guess it's no wonder.

These guys wandered into my picture one night. There were actually five of them. All dressed in white, they hailed from Alabama. They were very nice, and very interesting and  talkative! 

Mustn't forget the outstanding chocolate chip cookies for dessert. If you want to meet people at this bar, order these and share. You'll make friends - or at least appease the people ready to fight you for you bar stool. (This bartender much happier than the other)

One of my other favorites, is the Rose Bar at the Delano in Miami Beach. The Delano itself is worth a walk through. It's like a modern - art deco hotel meets Alice In Wonderland. The Rose is a small bar tucked off the side of the main floor, and we usually pop by for a drink in the afternoon so it's pretty quiet.

 I know this is a bit blurry, but creative cocktail menus are the hot thing. Some hotter than others. The bartender here suggested a black mule, listed above, which was quite tasty and very gingery. I don't think it was worth 20.00, but I guess you pay for the ambience, the name, and the chance to see Miley Cyrus out by the pool hangin' with friends...Don't get me started...

The only person we met here was the bartender - it was that quiet - but he was quite happy to chat and share his love of coral with my daughter and me. No really, he LOVES coral. He grows it, sells it, buys fish to swim around it. He even showed us pictures of some of his coral and fish. Too cute.

For a change of place and a total tourist spot, a very fun, very worth it tourist spot, there's Mangos on Ocean Drive.

It's tropical, colorful, two stories, has a few different bars, scantily clad men and women working there. And shows. I love shows! This year there was a mariachi band, salsa dancers, Michael Jackson thriller dances - all on the bar throughout the night. So much fun.

Here's one of the acts. No wait. That's our bartender.

Oh yes. The bartenders dance. The place is filled with hundreds of people - packed full. And the bartenders make your drinks and periodically have to get up and be part of the show. Tell me that's not hard work! ;) Here he is making my drink. His name is well Spiderman of course. And don't even get me started on the kind of people you will meet here. Let's just say it's an eclectic crowd.

Now for something completely different.

 Up in the mountains of Crested Butte, things are hoppin as well.
There is a new little cocktail bar there called the Dogwood.

 Again, creative cocktail menu. I tried the yellow rose. It was pretty good, but the 20 minute wait for the drink was a little tough. (People don't move as fast at 8500 feet I guess)

 Given the space they had they were doing pretty well.

This is Tuck. He is a local. He drives the bus from town to the ski area. He was in Vietnam. He worked for and said he owed a great deal to a couple of my relatives back in the day. And I'm going to stop there with this story...

 This is Kochevars.  My Mom used to play upstairs here when she was little. It also used to be a saloon and gaming hall. Hmm. I have to get the dates straightened out on these two things.

This guy was the bartender. Yup, a little laid back. I couldn't decide what I wanted and I thought he might suggest a beer and a shot of tequila like many of the other local patrons, but he suggested a Moscow mule. What's up with ginger? Do I look like the type of person who likes ginger? Or do they have bartender conventions and tell them what they should push...It was good though. And yes. Actually I love ginger.

Then there were these. Bad idea.

But you know sometimes you just have to try things. 

 Now I have to go get ready for - uh huh - Happy Hour. I'm kind of feeling like a ginger drink...

Have a great weekend.

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