Friday, October 25, 2013

Afternoon Pick Me Up - Friday Happy Hour!

My favorite Japanese restaurant downtown has expanded to include - what else? A bar. This bar is  called Hachi - a late night sushi and sake bar. For those of you who have never had the opportunity to try sake, it is made from fermented rice. The brewing process is more similar to a beer brewing process even though most people call it rice wine. Growing up in San Francisco with special upstairs neighbors of Japanese descent I have been familiar with sake for a long while. It can be sipped cold, room temperature, or heated up. It depends on the type.

It is traditionally served in little sake cups poured from a flask called a tokkuri. For heated sake, the tokkuri is supposed to be set in hot water to heat. I love hot sake. On a cold evening or anytime with Japanese food it is delicious.

So on a side note! I was just looking up the name of a sake flask and there were images of different styles of sake cups. One of the styles it showed was a little wooden box. When I saw the box I immediately jumped up and went to my sewing room and found a little box that sits on my shelf which, at present, has business cards in it. I obtained this box from the above described neighbors many moons ago.
How could I not know this was a sake cup??? (I guess the clue would be the name of the sake brand on the back - duh) Or maybe I did know at one point and forgot. With me that's totally possible. But no matter. What a real - time special discovery! A true afternoon pick me up. 

Back to Hachi. It is nicely decorated bar with some Japanese touches. Of course, being in Fort Collins we must incorporate local. I love the glass racks.

Along with a variety of sakes, are some fun specialty cocktails, of course.

And beer on tap - local New Belgium and Japanese. Perfect. Look at the samurai sword shaped tap handles. I love it!

I had a "Canton Dreamin" which was a delightful concoction of Domaine de Canton ginger liquer, Citron vodka, lemon, and sake. Delicious!

I can't seem to have wine or cocktails with just nuts and pretzels. Do bars even serve those freebies anymore? No, I get hungry. Like entree style hungry. In this case, my absolute favorite miso soup and a cucumber salad. So so so good. Of course, that was just the starter. The main course was teriyaki beef and rice. So much for bar nuts.

 Speaking of bars and cocktails, this is a sample of my my new Demi - utility apron. In this case, the bartender's apron. For men and women. Short and simple with two big asymmetrical pockets and a pop of color. For the men the pop comes from up-cycled suit fabric and tie fabric. I've made some black ones as well. Fun for hosting a cocktail party or dinner when you want something practical and unimposing.

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