Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ghosts of Halloween Party Pasts

Happy Halloween!

First of all here's a classic Monster Mash. C'mon you know you love it.

I will separate all my Halloween memories here. I will leave the childhood memories....of simple costumes, school parties, pillow case candy sacks, running around the neighborhood in San Francisco (up and down stairs!), popcorn balls, donuts on a string, "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" - on tv, and four coffee cans full of candy...and focus on the Colorado Halloweens.  Living in the country is not conducive to trick-or-treating. Houses too far apart, dirt roads, so...we had to make our own fun. I started hosting Halloween parties for a few neighbors the first couple of years we were here and it kind of ballooned from there. Gone were the garish pumpkin sweatshirts, as I required costumes, and amped things up a bit every year. We would first decide on a theme, then I would make all our costumes (hubby, girls and me), prepare theme appropriate food and decorations, and! create a haunted house in the garage. We had a blast and at times had 35 adults and kids of varying ages, but I'm glad those days are in the past (I'm sure my husband is too since is was a joint effort and I was always in a panic the few days before our parties) Phew! Here's a glimpse at 3 of our parties past.
The pirate party was our favorite. My husband basically built a shell of a pirate ship. Complete with a plank and a rope for kids to swing off onto a little island. A haunted hallway on the way with buried treasure, and pirates everywhere. Our friends were stellar that year. So many pirate costumes.

Haunted Bollywood one year. I painted the Taj Mahal on a tarp on the garage door (hey, I never claimed to be an artist), and we had a Bollywood ghost filmaker with camera, and Bollywood music. I had the most fun making our costumes and the Indian food. I think everyone got a bit of an education that year.

The Haunted Ball. Can't believe I made these costumes. We created a haunted ballroom since the kids were into dancing at this point. Actually we all danced. It was a "ball"!

We've also done a Medieval theme complete with King Arthur, Guinevere, and little princesses, and  English faire food...and mead - so much fun, and the Adams Family can guess those costumes. (I loved wearing that long black hair and slinky black dress!) 

Tonight calls for something simple. Carving pumpkins, a Halloween movie....and I might just delve in to my pirate past and go haunt a place or two downtown.

BOO! Have fun!!

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