Friday, October 25, 2013

Lunch Break

My lunch break these days usually consists of well - lunch - and reading.

Some of my latest finds. The The Kinfolk Table is a beautiful book with stories about a variety of home cooks everywhere from Oregon to Brooklyn, to the English countryside, to Denmark, and shares some of their favorite recipes. I can't wait to try some out. Speaking of food, Plate To Pixel is about food photography and explains the details of your camera's settings and how to use them. I desperately need this book. She also has an amazing blog with the most beautiful food photos - sigh. Maybe some day. The other book which you can't see (It's a good thing I love him muddy paws and all) is A fine Romance by Susan Branch. If you love England and whimsical art work this is the ticket. I love whatever Susan does. She is a breath of fresh air, inspirational, a talented artist. I have many of her cookbooks and calenders as well. She is also a cat lover - which is a good thing - otherwise she might be offended knowing muddy cat paws are standing on her pretty book.

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