Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Random Thoughts - Transitions

Happy October. It is a time of notable change once again. I suppose everything and everyone is constantly changing, if only by the thoughts we think. Sometimes change is more palpable, such as a child moving out and starting a new life, a family member passing on, a loved one struggling with unexpected health complications, a new job, and, in turn, all these changes affect change in those connected. I've been thinking about change and transition a lot lately. Transitional change can be tricky. Oftentimes the eventual outcome is necessary, positive, yet the transition can be challenging. I've been absorbing Nature's transitions this past week. What I find inspirational is the seeming effortlessness and acceptance of impending change, and how Nature makes the absolute most of the present. 

I awoke very early one morning, and, instead of succumbing to the pillow for a second chance, I grabbed my camera and zoom lens and practiced a bit. The sunrise was so colorful. This was how it started - with the moon still bright.

A little color on the horizon.

And a little more. I love the dark silhouettes against the coloring sky.

With my zoom lens facing the rising sun the foreground got darker as the sun got higher - but it made for more contrast and color. I wish all transitions were this beautiful.

Dawn to day. It's worth noting.

As the sun was rising in the East, this was the West view towards the mountains. The Cottonwoods have started their seasonal transformation. In a couple of weeks the progress will be amazing.

I went down to get some eggs early one morning and at first I thought one of the chickens was out. But it was a hawk! This was a first. He just sat on the ground and then on the gate rail intent on seeing a chicken.

Of course, I didn't have my zoom lens on for this, but look how intensely he is staring at the chicken yard. Talk about focusing on the present moment. Yeah. good luck with that. Go find your breakfast elsewhere.
 I think my herbs know what's coming and so they are giving their last hurrah. They are full and lush and so fragrant right now. I have three types of basil and parsley

 and lemon verbena and sage

  tarragon and oregano

and more sage and chives and dill and three different types of thyme.

This year I bought myself a rose scented geranium. I used to grow many types of scented geraniums when I lived in California. It never got cold enough in the winter to do them any harm. They can scent sugar, honey, cakes, potpourri, tea. yum.  

I heard a rumor this morning that there is a chance of snow on Friday, so I will have to harvest my herbs and bring in the citrus trees. I really have to pay attention to first frosts around here this time of year. There is nothing so sad or frustrating that to neglect the frost and have a winter's supply worth of basil, parsley, or other tender herbs wither and turn brown overnight. 
I also did a close up tour of the remaining late summer early fall flowers around the house. The mums are showing their spirit.

The beautiful white old fashioned roses of June have morphed into colorful and nutritious rosehips.

I have one rose shrub in front of the house that always blooms late. Show off.

A bedraggled purple coneflower - I love the perfect orange and green center though.

A Sedum "Autumn Joy" It is pretty joyous right now. It's almost like a sign saying, "Look look I know summer is over but look at me. There's still beauty to be had!"

One last little phlox

I wish there was smell-orama, because the 
Sweet Autumn Clematis climbing up the pergola in the garden is super fragrant right now. Such a tiny flower that packs a perfumed punch.

I can see why they call this a Morning Glory. Other that the fact it opens only with the morning sun. In this picture though it looks as though the shine of the sun is packed within it's center. Wouldn't it be fun to peel back the petals and have the sun's rays shine out?

The chickens are enjoying the last of summer's warmth as well. They are finding every little patch of dry dusty dirt they can - which hasn't been easy with all the flooding rain we've had of late! - and taking dust baths. They roll around and use their wings to fling dirt up on themselves and rub around. I'll just keep letting them think they're "cleaning" themselves.

Sometimes the best thing you can do during times of change and transition is focus on the moment and what is - right now..

"No better time exists than now, and the hope that there might be a better time has cost us many opportunities to be happy. Let the present remain with you and spread its calm blanket of acceptance at your feet. In the present you are free. Leave behind all that is behind, and know the lightness, the happiness that practicing the present can bring... Be where you are. Love the ones you are with. Enjoy the moment you are given. Bless the life you have. ~ Hugh Prather 

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