Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Random Thoughts Wednesday - Highlights and Lowlights

Thinking about the good and bad in things. In a funny sort of way. I was going to get all serious and then I decided against it. 

Sick of fall colors yet? Not me. Making the most of them. Highlight: We sat in the forest for a bit on Saturday and shared a bottle of wine. 

Lowlight: It was Colorado wine. Oops. Sorry Colorado. 

The chickens joined us.

We went for a quietly beautiful walk in town on Sunday morning crunching through fall leaves and noting pumpkins and autumn shadows.

Highlight: Warm weather, picture perfect autumn colors, alleys (a favorite of mine).
Lowlight: I lost my glasses - somewhere. We retraced our steps for a total of two hours, but apparently looking for a pair of glasses among streets and alleys filled with fall leaves is fruitless.

Highlight: While we were walking I found "my house in town". And it's for sale!! It's on the most beautiful street downtown. It has a front porch, large back yard with a carriage house in back, and it borders a back alley....crucial! (I love Colorado town alleys) And, most importantly, it qualifies as a "witchy" house. Don't ask. There's just something a little magical about old houses with character that look like this.
Turns out it's an historic landmark! 
It's original form. So cute. ..
Lowlight: WAY out of our budget. 

After two hours of walking and searching for my glasses (It's a good thing my vision is pretty much 20/25 without glasses due to a previous laser surgery), we were famished and thirsty and weary. So we headed to our Bike-beer-coffee shop. Highlight: We shared a scrumptious pastrami sandwich with spicy mustard and the best potato salad. They make it with mustard and lots of sweet pickles and balsamic vinegar. yum. And an amber ale. And my favorite coffee, a Gibralter, which is a double shot of espresso and a touch of steamed milk in a shot glass. Lowlight: hmm. We had to leave?

However, our next stop was at our local football watching hangout to watch the Bronco game. Highlight: They have a local crowd, yet so many out of state football fans, which makes it kind of fun and rowdy - and a good variety of Colorado beer and food and always someone fun to meet. I had an Arrogant Bastard - that was the name of the beer - on tap, and a really tasty grilled chicken salad after half time, and we had a bronco win... Lowlight: I had to stare at this clown the entire time.

Highlight: Halloween is tomorrow! Lowlight: Halloween is almost over!

Highlight: Last night we saw The Pacific Mambo Orchestra. This, for me, was a piece of heaven on earth. It was a Mambo orchestra (big band Latin music!!) - hello Miami! - from San Francisco - need I say more? - playing in Fort Collins. Combine a stellar Mambo Orchestra with a Grammy award winning producer and pianist, and Tito Puente Jr, with other special guests, and the music was almost too much to take in at once. In a really, really good way.   Lowlight: none. Oh wait. My neck and upper back are in spasm today. I think that was from doing salsa dancing in my seat for an hour an a half. I couldn't sit still. 

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