Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesdays Random Thoughts and Happenings - Fleeting moments

I have been trying to make the most of this fleeting autumn season. Just when I think the tides have turned and the colors have peaked and the temperate autumn days are done for, a new day comes and I am pleasantly surprised to get another chance to enjoy this transitory time.

With the exception of the recent snow and a few chilly times, the past several days have been brilliantly sunny, warm with the barest hint of chill days to come, and the colors intensify every day. Sometimes I want to just sit and stare at a shrub and see the change of color as it's happening. The garden and surrounding Cottonwoods and reservoir trees are such a harmony of colors and textures right now. I look out and I think this is what my mind is like some days - just so much going on. 

When all I want it to be is this. I guess that's what meditation is for. 

I try to make the most of - or I suppose - something of every day, because time flies by so fast, and the only way I've found to capture fading time is to embrace and witness and document moments in some way.

 And try to hug close those moments - before they change because they inevitably do.

Whether it's a crispy walk through the leaves, reading a book outdoors in the thinning sunlight, sewing up something in my studio, listening to inspiring music, or even cleaning, this time of year always energizes me. Maybe it's nature's cue to give it your all, finish up the outdoorsy activities and be productive before you hunker down for the winter. Well I suppose that works if you live in a place where there actually is winter weather, and you don't have a job outside of the house, or you were a pioneer back in the 1800's. Anyway.

This transitional time of Autumn usually has me in the kitchen making something comforting. Today it was Buttermilk Oatmeal Bread. There are the outdoor scents of Autumn, and then there are the indoor ones. There is no fragrance I can purchase that can beat the scent of fresh baked bread.

 It starts with the subtle yeasty dough smells. And because we live in a dry climate, I find myself turning up the heat a bit and putting a kettle on to boil just to make it a bit humid and warm. I think the dough likes it. There's something so satisfying seeing bread dough rise.

 Organic white flour, whole wheat flour, whole grain oats and buttermilk. This was the first time I tried this bread and it was so delicious. You can find the recipe here...Buttermilk Oatmeal Bread

Must eat first slice while still warm from the oven. With butter. Real butter. Melting on fresh, warm bread - butter.

And serve with a cup of something. Today it was Ginger Peach tea. Sigh.  

And now I'm ready to share my current favorite poem with you. 
Poetry for me has always been a tricky thing. Frankly I don't always get it. I've read a good many poems over the years by famous poets and many leave me scratching my head. Poetry, among other things shows the beauty of language. I think this poem succeeds. 
I think the most beautiful poems paint an immediate vivid picture with their words. I want a poem to create a visceral response in me. I don't want to have to take a class to dissect it just to understand it. I want to feel it and experience it. But I want it to be complex. And I want it to haunt me. This poem does just that.

                                                     Autumnal by Ray Harvey

Enjoy these Autumn Moments.


  1. It's a beautiful, beautiful post you write, Joanne. Matched by beautiful photos.