Thursday, November 14, 2013

Notes From The City - So Far in San Francisco

 So far so great out here on the coast. I am supposed to be back home right now, but I tend to wait until the last minute to change travel plans. That's how I roll. When I can. Yeah. Spoiled. So I'm out here in San Francisco for a bit longer. Fine with me..

Leaving the Rocky Mountains behind. I snapped this and slept the rest of the way as I do on planes. Dramamine induced flying.

 Autumn welcomed us in Walnut Creek where we stayed with my Mother-in-Law

And so did the turkeys. More on this next week.
Then it was over to San Francisco. Autumn also greeted us here. And downright balmy weather. And fog yesterday afternoon. And fog horns harmonizing all night. The sounds of my childhood.
My brother's puppy welcomed me as well.
Ever tried a Japanese-style kit kat?  Green tea flavored. There is always so much to tickle the taste buds out here. Much more than a green tea flavored kit kat.
Went for a very long round about interesting yet tiring walk to the beach my first day. Will share that walk  next week.
Have been "scooting" around the city. However, our first adventure wasn't to the Italian restaurant in North Beach as I had anticipated.

It was to a little hole-in-the-wall place in the Tenderloin district
A noodle house
Where it was suggested I get the number 4. This delicious medley of rich broth in which a goodly amount of the most delicious wonton and noodles are swimming, and a flavorful duck leg to boot, turned out to be the most satisfying dish I've had in a good while. Vietnamese style broth and Chinese noodles. A perfect blend. A huge bowl  lasted me two plus meals - I eat light. 7 bucks. Cash only please. 

We switched cultures and went to J town - Japantown, to visit a store with the most interesting doodads, accessories, needful things. Everything priced at $1.50 - unless otherwise labelled. Now I have to figure out how to get it all home. This is Peace Plaza above - a beautiful monument with a beautiful message

And a stop for a delightful lychee blossom martini and a mai tai - not all for me.

We also met up with one of my favorite people and scooted to a local Austrian restaurant for Stiegl beer on tap and, well, lots of pig

Here's the beer - and wonderful traditional food menu
And here's the pig. Well this is the appetizer platter. Of course, it's not all pork. They do include a bit of beef tongue and brasciola to balance things out. When I asked my brother and friend if we could order a salad they just kind of stared at me blankly. I was allowed to eat the frisee off the plate of the fried pig trotters. This being simply the appetizer, we also enjoyed the lamb shank with potatoes for dinner as well as a creamy, scrumptious cheese spaetzle. It was just so heavenly.

We finished the meal with a beautiful linzer torte. I'm still full and that was two days ago.

Other than eating obviously, I've been hanging out close to home mostly. Enjoying family and familiarity. And now I must venture back into the fog. Until tomorrow.


  1. Be safe, baby. Those are absolutely fantastic photos -- particularly the Japanese monument, which I've never seen before.

  2. You'll have to come out and see it some time. As for being safe - I'm at the mercy of my scooter driver. ;)