Friday, November 22, 2013

Notes From The Country - Happy Hour Friday

Baby It's Cold Outside! (I love Dean Martin - so classic)
It actually warmed up to 30 degrees today.

Yesterday it was 16 degrees in the morning and it lightly snowed on and off all day.

It's like they don't even know there's a blanket of snow on their backs.

Chilled rosehips and naked trees. 

Of course I waited until yesterday to hook up the heated water buckets for the animals. The alpacas and chickens' water was frozen solid. And they were thirsty. So after three trips with warm water from the house to both buckets and restringing the extension cords outside the chicken house and down to the loafing shed, the buckets were full and the animals were happy. I was just cold.

 I love the person who invented extension cords. Doesn't it look lovely snaking along the forest floor? Sheesh. I don't even think this is the proper outdoor cord. Oh well. Maybe next week.

When it's this cold outside I need something warm to drink. Mixing country and city I often do ;), this was a lunch happy hour at my brother's. Hot sake and Ma-po tofu. 

He made this simply delicious dish...I believe it had in it ground pork, tofu, miso paste, broth, garlic-ginger paste, sesame oil and some other goodies. Served with rice and without all the spicy pepper in mine (kindly) as it should have being a traditional Szechuan dish, it was pure comfort food.

Cheers! Have a great weekend. I'm currently having a long baking day today - Thanksgiving next week. Yay! See you Monday.

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