Friday, November 8, 2013

Totally Random Friday

Hooray, It's Friday. I'm actually really glad it's Friday. No sooner did I talk about country critters in my last post then I opened up the door to the garage to this.

It took me several seconds to realize that it wasn't one of our cats.
 Then I took in the scene of fallen ladder (luckily not on my husband's new car), shelves upended, gouges out of the walls, and so on and so forth.
I do believe my sweet baby kitten frightened him. My cat, who was unknowingly locked up with the little varmint, came running inside unharmed, and this guy was on the top shelf in the garage looking to settle in....Is this where they get the term raccoon eyes?

He seriously would have waltzed in the house if I had kept the door open. Fortunately after a battle with my husband and a very long flag pole - after the car was moved out of the garage - the little creeper was extricated and cleanup began - at 10 at night

On a brighter note, I bought more fabric. I enjoy buying fabric almost as much as buying shoes - or clothes - or purses.  

Here it is washed, ironed and folded. And, as of today, some of it cut out and transforming into wearable items.

And on yet another random note, because we are STILL in the process of choosing new flooring for the house - all three floors, I've been doing some day dreaming, because if I could, I would just snap my fingers and have it all done. For today, these are my dream kitchens because I'm just in this kind of a mood...

Yeah, I know, I'm daydreaming about kitchens, not floors...maybe that's why we're not making progress.

I love this picture. This is how I see myself in ...New York, San Francisco, Paris, Milan, London, I'm not picky. I love the look -  hair, outfit, socks, shoes, bracelet...and scoot. Actually I'll see how close I can get to this pic because this weekend I'll be here...

 Hopefully walking on my favorite beach

 In the kitchen where I grew up. Being with my Mom and my brother

and hopefully hanging out with my favorite people....and they have scooters! All I need is the skirt and socks...although it might be foggy or rainy or freezing cold so it will probably be jeans and a down coat - but I know I'll get to hop on the back of a scooter and say "take me to my favorite German restaurant/Italian bistro/jazz bar - pleeez?" I'll see if it works. It's just for a few days but I am so looking forward to it. Get to see my favorite Mother-in-law as well in Walnut Creek which I am so looking forward to.

In the meantime...
looking forward to happy hour and friends tonight. Last Friday was quiet and pleasant because it was pretty much my husband and I and we just got to talk and eat. I did meet and have a nice conversation with the sax player from this band The Motet who was just chilling before performing that night at one of the local venues. His fellow trumpet player came in and jammed a bit with the local band. What a great way to get ready for your gig. Go out to dinner, have a cocktail at a nice local jazz bar, have some conversation. So many interesting people out there. And I would much rather hang out with someone over a drink and have a real conversation that be with the masses at their concerts. But that's just me.  Also, my husband had this Blanton's original single barrel bourbon whiskey. I'm not usually a big fan but this was so smooth I kept stealing sips.

Now I've got to go throw some of my black wardrobe in a suitcase for tomorrow and see what interesting people I can meet this evening. See ya on the flip side!


  1. Racoons are crazy! Just wanted to let you know I still read your blog :P

    Also I LOVE those kitchens, especially the sinks. Where are those pictures from??

    1. Well that's nice of you! ;) Secret sources