Friday, January 24, 2014

Rooms I Love - Friday Daydreaming

Happy Friday. Just doing a bit of daydreaming. I think with all the winter/grey/brown talk from the last post I needed some color. I happened upon a decorating website and it kind of went downhill from there. Today's color is blue. Blue is quite impressive. It describes a color. It depicts a mood. It distinguishes a music style. There are so many beautiful shades of blue. One of my favorites is turquoise. It is my birthstone. Depending on the amount of blue and green, there are many shades of turquoise as well. I found these blue-green photos of kitchens. I never tire of looking at kitchen photos. And I was trying to match my aprons - just for fun.

 Just when I decide I want to go modern I see a kitchen like this and I think I could happily live the rest of my life in there.

Then I see white rooms and am undone thinking of the possibilities of colors to mix and match.

And the subtlety of off-white with just enough color to tease.

Then I see the coolness and simplicity of white and pastels and a really, really beautiful stove and - well- I can just see myself in this kitchen everyday.

Whatever kitchen - flowers will make it better.

Of course even with blues and greens I need a little black.

 Then there's the whole blue/green wall color. Don't get me started.

Wait how did these get in here. So my day dreams go beyond kitchens. ;)

Going with the color scheme, and it being Friday's a bluish - greenish cocktail. Absinthe. Le fee. Green fusion. The green devil. It is an experience. It has a long and varied history (from a French doctor in the late 18th century). It is medicinal (made from herbs - namely wormwood). It is inspirational (said to induce alertness and creativity, new thoughts and ideas) . It is transforming (not only the ritual of pouring water drip by drip over a sugar cube and slotted spoon to diffuse and disperse the absinthe, but in what the resulting drink will  yield. See inspirational above.) It can be dangerous. (Don't drink too much and don't chug it) It has been a drink favored by famous poets and artists throughout history - Hemmingway, Oscar Wilde, Paul Gaugin, and Vincent Van Gogh. Wait didn't Van Gogh go crazy and eventually commit suicide? I'm sure it wasn't the absinthe....)
I tried Absinthe at my brothers a couple of years ago. He performed the sugar cube/ water ritual and...hmmm...I'm trying to remember how it tasted and what my reaction was. For the life of me I can't remember. That's disturbing.

Speaking of blue. (I know I'm reaching now) I prematurely made fun of the dance show we were going to see on Wednesday night because of the whole Bee Gees thing. I take it back. I knew not of what I spoke. The group was the Odyssey Dance Theater and words cannot describe how utterly beautiful and versatile these dancers were. Even the whole Saturday Night Fever segment. I can now safely let John Travolta reside in the past because I have an entirely new vision of disco. 

P.S. We did get snow Wednesday night as you can see. (I don't really need to point out the blue snow stick do I?) 

Speaking of blue - color and mood ....Say Something. Sorry in advance. 

pps.  kitchen images via of House of Turquoise on Facebook.

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