Friday, February 28, 2014

Afternoon Pick Me Up - Oscar Time

 It's Oscar weekend. And yes, I love the Oscars. I love movies. This year kind of crept up on me though, and while I usually see all the nominated movies, actresses and actors, and foreign films, I find myself this year doing some last minute catch up. Of course, in our town, you would be hard pressed to find a theater playing one of the nominated movies right now - Robocop 12 or 13 - yes, Oscar movies - no. 
 The one theater in town that is playing a few is The Lyric. It's a small, independently owned place that shows mostly independent and foreign films. They also show old cartoons from 10 to noon several mornings a week for $5.00 which includes an all you can eat cereal bar. (They have Frosted flakes!)

They also serve light snacks like a hummus plate with vegetables or bagels with goat cheese along with wine and local beer.

There are two theaters both of which have some theater seating as well as couches in the front with coffee tables.
And some very eclectic and interesting wall art to peruse. It's also a coffee shop so you can hang out in the lobby at a table or couch to pass the time.
Coming attractions mixed with some fun art.

The hallway with more art and murals

Here's a Friday afternoon alternative to happy hour. A cheese plate with local cheeses and crackers and a glass of wine paired with a Oscar movie and a comfy couch. That sounds like pre Oscar fun to me.

On Sunday I will be drinking champagne and making some fancy appetizers and watching the day long pre Oscar silly stuff. It's what I like to do. And of course! I wear an apron while making my Oscar hors d'oeuvres - in the form of an Oscar apron. This one was from a few years ago. I usually just use whatever old fabric I have in my stash and try to make it somewhat festive and fancy. 

Because this is more suitable for sipping Champagne while making mushroom caviar on blini or salmon pot, or shaved beef tenderloin. Here's to Hollywood, movies, actors and all the people who bring art to life or is it life to art? 

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