Friday, August 22, 2014

Afternoon Tea and Dahlias

While in San Francisco, my Mom and I visited a long time family friend for afternoon tea. It was lovely. I had a Chinese lychee black tea , and there was a simple yet elegant and delectable fruit tart. We had a lovely time chatting about the past and present in our host's lovingly decorated circa 1909 upstairs flat surrounded by hardwood floors and moldings, and cherished antiques. The decoration on the tea table was a vase of Dahlias. Oh but not just any dahlias. These were dahlias grown by a best of show winner at the San Francisco Dahlia Show who just happened to live downstairs. Her garden was a spectacular showcase of many different varieties complemented by a sunken patio, brick, raised beds and meandering paths. I was so pleasantly surprised by this San Francisco garden and so impressed. A little gem in the middle of the city. The only thing I know about dahlias are what I learned in the two days after, Our host sent us off with the centerpiece flowers (and remaining fruit tart!), and I put them in a vase in their new home in my Mom's hallway. The next morning the water was cloudy and the flowers were totally droopy. I changed the water and by afternoon they were all perked up again and beautiful! I did that every day and they lasted three more days! Who doesn't like fresh water?

Happy Friday! And thank you Carolyn for the refreshingly lovely tea time!

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