Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September Weekends

The bowls and baskets of apples are still waiting patiently to become applesauce and apple butter. In the meantime they have been put into oatmeal, pancakes, green drinks, stuffing and in this weekend's chicken dinner I sliced and sauteed some with zucchini from the garden in olive oil , with fresh herbs, and finished it off with a drizzle of maple syrup. It was a simple delicious side dish with a hint of sweet to accompany roast chicken.

I bought a roasting chicken last week because once in awhile I just need to have an old fashioned roast chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and cream gravy, and ....oh shoot I just realized I forgot to make my biscuits! Next time. This was the best chicken gravy I think I've made. Before cooking I stuffed it with some onion, shallots, garlic, a half of lemon that was sitting on the counter, some quartered apples, a generous amount of parsley, tarragon, rosemary, sage, basil and oregano from the garden, and some bay leaves. Then, because I had run out of butter - for shame - I rubbed it all over with bacon fat that I had in the refrigerator and basted it throughout cooking with broth and white wine. All that flavorful goodness in the pan was cooked with flour and milk and more wine and, well, it was chicken and mashed potato heaven.

I made a German puffed apple pancake for a simple brunch tea on Sunday and used up some of the excess of apples and eggs right now. Bonus! 

The last of summer's geraniums, marigolds and other colorful annuals are having their last hurrah. They know time is running out to make way for frosty mornings and the hardier colors of autumn leaves, vegetables, and plants. The colors here in the trees are changing daily even though it is not really getting cold at night and so far as been quite warm during the days.

I've been trying to take more moments to appreciate all our animals who are such a part of our daily lives and whose energy is so noticeably missed when they leave this world and our family. One of our little ones has passed. My daughter's cat who grew up with her is gone now. Her unique energy is missed by all of us and we are taking extra comfort in the kitties who are still here.

My older daughter's cat is a new addition and frequent visitor on some weekends, others have been part of us for many years and are struggling with age and health issues. Our little lovebird has been around for 20 years! 

Simple days, cherishing moments at home with family, food, and the lingering warmth of September summer days.

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